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I have over 20-year experience in the media field. Before starting in the family business, I worked 10 years for the Finnish National Broadcasting Company doing various things in the media field. My educational background includes culture studies in which the importance of cultural tourism is highlighted.


In Tachyonet, the field of my responsibilities has been art and media projects, media courses, video production, video projection mappings,  photography and planning and carrying out cultural activities together with clients.

Professional training, which Tachyonet provides, can be linked to the adventure learning.  My responsibility is to create and tailor-make programs for small groups of clients by assessing their wishes in terms of special interests and needs. I cooperate with relevant service providers and partners to ensure the best marketing opportunities in the locations we work in. I am in charge of the communication with clients and the documentation of adventure tours arranged.


My knowledge of cultural tourism is very good and regional geographic knowledge excellent. As a person, I am a team player able to share knowledge and give guidance. My communication and problem skills are excellent and trekking, fishing and hunting have been my dearest hobbies ever since I can remember.

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