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Professional training and job shadowing

Learning together  - Bilingual learning environment and integrated education models

Course location                                                                                  Pyhäjoki Upper Secondary School, Pyhäjoki


Course facilitators
Peeter Mehisto, University College London, Institute of Education, UK

Tuula Asikainen, CLILedu, Finland

Anne Ontero, Pyhäjoki Learning Center

Tauno Rajaniemi, Pyhäjoki Upper Secondary School


Course objectives

Participants will gain

  • insights into the role of language and languages in learning

  • ideas of how to apply the idea of language(s) across the curriculum

  • strategies to adapt integrative (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodologies in own practice

  • strengthened English language proficiency and communication skills

  • strategies for intercultural communication and exchange


The daily schedule is 10:00 – 15:00, including the course program, job shadowing in all school levels and an hour‘s lunch break. 

Day 1: Sunday

Arrivals, accommodation

Day 2: Monday

Orientation, introductions

What works in education? Beliefs vs research

Models of bilingual education

Review of day  

Day 3: Tuesday

Misconceptions on bilingualism

What is CLIL?  - Core features of CLIL

Reflection on own context and practice

Review of day

Day 4: Wednesday

Putting core features in practice: objectives – outcomes

Assessment – evaluation

Reflection on own context and practice

Review of day


Day 5: Thursday

Putting core features in practice: scaffolding

Scaffolding language – content – cognition

Reflection on own context and practice

Review of day

Day 6: Friday                                                                                                                                            

Core features of CLIL revisited                                                                                           

Formative assessment, feedback – feedforward

Intercultural communication and exchange

Course evaluation

Farewells and Leaving for Oulu

Day 7: Saturday

Leaving for Helsinki

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