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Mission: We respect Finnish society and culture by providing clients with cultural knowledge, education, and experiences and insights into Finnish life

Vision: We create opportunities for sharing ideas and ways of thinking. Lifelong learning is an adventure that makes our world an even better place to live in.

Values: We are reliable and creative and we respect everyone equally no matter where they come from and where their roots are.

An example:

We appeared as Keynote speakers in Lahore December 2018


As a company arranging professional training and job shadowing for educators as well as tailor-made learning tours for adventurous travellers, we are doing nothing terribly new, but we are building on the tradition of great adventure, learning by doing and experiencing things in the authentic environment. 

The objective is to develop new perspectives on lifelong learning, deepen our customers’ understanding of other cultures and local issues to strengthen true global citizenship. To promote quality action-based learning is an innovative and pioneering approach to combine learning and travelling when participants not only meet different people, cultures and traditions but also increase their competence as lifelong learners. 

The second important objective of action-based learning is visiting and examining new cultures focusing on sustainability in communities.  The overarching goal is to consider how integrated cultural visits and lifelong learning can influence a better future for our planet. 

Within our action-based learning programs, a group of participants undertakes an expedition or exploration centered on a specific location and topic. Our team develops a tailor-made program tied to the topic and location, and after online joint planning, the participants will travel into the field to capture authentic experiences that are synched with the predesigned framework.

Action-based learning is combining online and authentic learning emphasizing real-world, authentic action-based experiences. The field experiences and observations are video documented and shared online in an environment in which participants are able to participate actively and collaborate with their peers. The online collaboration and interaction opportunities before and after the field experience allow participants to form connections between the people and the new culture.


Instead of large-scale learning tours our emphasis is on ordinary, everyday adventures with people and issues familiar to them. Participating in activities side by side with locals, the participants will gain insight into the customs and form lasting connections with locals.

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