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Tailor-made tours

Examples of tours:

Educational  Route for schools visiting Pyhäjoki Upper Secondary School:

Day1: The school and community

8:30 Meeting at school - words of welcome, introductions and warm-up

9:00 Finnish Education system, Pyhäjoki Upper Secondary School

9:30 Learning Cafe: Entrepreneurial learning tools in Pyhäjoki (JE, newspaper, the Fair)

11.00 Lunch

12:00 Biking to the seaside, SUP, barbecue at seaside

17.00 Return to accommodation


Day2: Energy

8:30 Meeting at Pyhäjoki school, assignments

8:45 Visits to Nuclear power plant, windmill park and hydropower in Pyhäjoki (bus)

11.00 Lunch at school

12.00 Lessons and group work at school

  • Nuclear experts (Fennovoima)

  • Windpower experts (SmartWindPower)

15:00 Student outcome: Presentations and videos comparing different energy sources


Day3: Kalajoki

8:30 Meeting at school, 

9.00 We will leave to Kalajoki on a bus
On our way to Kalajoki,  info about the Gulf of Bothnia
(Perämeri) and other nearby areas.

9:30 Marine and nature center , guided tour,

          A walk at duckboards at beach (1.5km - 2km)

11.30 lunch at Sandy Kelt.

13.00 An adventure park visit.

Trekking routes(alternative)

17.00 Return to Pyhäjoki



Day4: River 

8:30 Meeting at Pyhäjoki school, assignments, a bus upriver 

10.00 launch the canoes 
11-12.30 break at Helaakoski, lunch
14.00 coffee break at Halunen
15.00 Finish at Pyhäjoki riverside


Day5: Raahe



Day6: Walk around the Pyhäjoki island, leaving for Rovaniemi 

8:30 Meeting at school

A walk on riverside

11.00 Lunch

12:00 Making a video and a newspaper about the visit

16: 00 A dinner in Pyhäjoki before leaving.    

Leaving from Pyhäjoki at 5 PM.

Lessons on the bus on Lapland

Accommodation in Rovaniemi

Day7: Rovaniemi

8.00 Breakfast 

9.30  Leaving to the town at visiting museum Arktikum.

12.00 Lunch in the university

13.00 Arctic Circle and Santa Claus village

16:00 Picnic at Kuninkaanlaavu

Leaving for home

Pyhäjoki (1 May - 31 October)

  • hunting season (ducks: 20 August-, moose: 14 October –)

  • berry picking (blueberries: August, lingonberries September)

  • fishing all year round

Day 1

  • From Helsinki to Pyhäjoki

  • arrival welcome

Day 2

  • daytime: forest adventure (Palosaari)

  • night: frisbee golf at museum district

Day 3

  • daytime: river adventure (Pyhäjoki)

  • night: visit to Kalajoki, bowling

Day 4

  • daytime: school adventure & media workshop

  • night: family visit

Day 5

  • Day at Kalajoki Spa

Day 6

  • shopping day in Oulu

  • overnight in Oulu

Day 7

  • back to Helsinki

Pudasjärvi (1 April – 31 October)

  • hunting season  (wildfowl: 10 September -10 October)

  • berry picking (cloudberries in July, blueberries in August,                     lingonberries September-October)

  • fishing all year round

Day 1

  • from Helsinki to Oulu

  • overnight in Oulu

Day 2

  • to Pudasjärvi

  • Syöte Visitor Center

Day 3

  • Daytime: Hiking trail 1

  • Night: visit to a typical Finnish summer cottage

Day 4

  • Daytime: fishing trip

  • Night: swimming hall

Day 5

  • Daytime: Hiking trail 2

  • Night: farewell party in a local summer cottage

Day 6

  • Daytime: Hiking trail 3

  • Night: Oulu shopping and overnight in Oulu

Day 7

  • back to Helsinki

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